Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Planting Amaryllis And Sprouting Spring Bulbs

The red amaryllis bulb my mother-in-law gave me for Christmas bloomed exceptionally well in its warm location in the kitchen. There were two stems of flowers with a third set starting up at the base of the plant. A total of eight flowers bloomed on the amaryllis for a few weeks before the flowers started to die back this week. The flowers were really spectacular and quite large. Now that I have two bulbs (one from last year) I plan on planting both bulbs out in the backyard next to my obelisk where my sweet peas climb up. I'm hoping both of the amaryllis bulbs bloom again. I know the amaryllis I had in Petaluma bloomed one more time then never bloomed again, but it was sitting in a patio without full sunlight so that could have been a factor.

I'm not sure why I didn't bring that particular amaryllis bulb with me when we moved but with two amaryllis bulbs to plant that should be plenty for the garden. I'm hoping the bulbs do well outside. I've never planted an amaryllis bulb outdoors so it should be interesting to see if they thrive there. Guess its time to read up more on amaryllis bulbs and see how they fare when planted outdoors.

The bluebells near the obelisk are starting to send up leaves, a tight formed circle of them are growing at the edge of the dirt mound that holds the obelisk against the decorative fence near the back gate. The bluebells are one of the first bulbs to come up besides the crocus, which are already popping up in the round container on the back deck. I planted a lot of bulbs this past fall and am hoping there is a good display this spring of new bulbs. I am particularly anxious to see the grape hyacinth bulbs come up, many are planted in the front yard near the walkway and surrounding the roses. I also planted some at the edge of the obelisk near the bluebells, should be very pretty in spring. I'm looking forward to seeing all the new spring bulbs and the changes they make in the color and shape of the garden this year.

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