Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spring Bulbs and Plants Grow During Winter

I planted the two red amaryllis bulbs one on each side of the obelisk last week between rain showers, we'll see if they grow and flower. The spring bulbs are starting to leaf out in anticipation of the new season. The large pink hyacinth bulbs are already starting to open their pale pink flowers. The pink hyacinths were established in the back flower bed long before we moved into our Victorian. The dutch iris are also putting up their tall, thin leaves. I planted a number of grape hyacinths, brodiaea and other bulbs out in the front yard and in the back flower bed. I'm hoping the bulb display will be a good one this year. Some of the daffodils I transplanted in fall year before last are growing and budding in the back flower bed. The first spring there wasn't much showing from these transplanted daffodils from the side of the house so this year it would be great to see more blooming in the flower bed. I am happy to report the thymifolia fuchsia cutting I planted in the front yard between the two grosso lavenders is growing and starting to flower after two years of minimal growth. The picture above shows my original thymifolia fuchsia in the back yard under the holly tree, surrounded by calla lillies and one of the two-toned pink fuchsias. I had a thymifolia fuchsia in Petaluma that grew quite large. This fuchsia grows and flowers pretty much all year long, even flowering in winter, and hummingbirds love it. The cutting took a while to establish but will be well worth it this spring as it flowers and grows for a great display in the front yard.

The white camellia near the back gate fence is getting bigger after having been pollarded by the previous owner. The camellia looked pretty bad when we first got here but now the leaves are bushing out and the shrub is growing back to a familiar camellia shape. The size of the trunk of the camellia is so huge that no doubt the shrub was very tall until it was cut back. It has only produced a few white flowers in the past in the spring. This year I've counted at least eight large flower buds on the shrub. These white camellia flowers are smaller than the standard size camellia flowers and look like gorgeous little roses, so perfect looking when they bloom. I'm excited to finally see a few more blooms on the camellia shrub this year.

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