Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Camellia And Hyacinth In Bloom

As we get closer to spring, the garden is filling with early spring flowers and color. The camellia opened the first of eight blooms a few weeks ago, just beautiful. The leaves of the camellia are dark shiny green while the flowers are small and a brilliant white. I've become a bigger fan of white flowers over the years and this camellia is really stunning close up. I hope one day the camellia plant is covered in blooms but for now I'm happy to see any blooms after the past pollarding of the shrub by the previous homeowner.

The back yard flower bed next to the greenhouse is filled with large white and pink hyacinth. I planted some new white hyacinth bulbs this year, the pinks were already established when we moved into the house. The rains in February knocked over some of the taller hyacinths as they were coming up and more scattered rain continued over the past two weeks. I don't know if I would have originally planted large hyacinth in the flower bed but after three years I enjoy them and added more to fill the flower bed out this past fall.

I spent time during the past weekend cutting back my fuchsias, I usually cut them back sooner than this but the rain came early and was pretty relentless throughout winter. The base of the biggest fuchsia is leafing out with small green leaves, the plant is eager to start growing long before summer hits. A few stray tulips are coming up, they are new tulips I planted in the fall and what a pretty fuchsia pink color they are. The bluebells as always are growing tall and flowerbuds are setting up at the tip of the bulbs. I planted some grape hyacinths surrounding the bluebells, should be a very pretty combination by the time spring officially arrives.

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