Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Bulb Planting Time

This past weekend was spent mowing and planting bulbs. My husband did the mowing this time, the first good mowing after winter and the rains subsiding. I often mow but this weekend I got to plant a variety of bulbs instead. I planted windflowers in the barrel, this batch of windflowers are mixed colors so this should go nicely with the purple windflowers already growing in the barrel. The pot of chives and flat-leaf parsley have been growing well since spring hit. I noticed the chives were growing well but suddenly have a large infestation of small black flies covering it. I've had the same infestation on my penstemon and foxglove in other years. I sprayed the chives with a soapy solution, we'll see if that does anything to kill off the small invaders.

My aunt advised me to dig up my amaryllis bulbs and plant them in bark in pots outdoors. I had them in the ground originally but she said she had some amaryllis bulbs that rotted in the ground. She had luck planting them in bark in pots so I did the same, the amaryllis are sitting near the hot tub now near the newly re-potted pink orchid.

I moved out to the front yard to plant my purple daylily next, it found a home near the roses and passionflower vines. I've never had good luck with daylilies so this time I'm hoping this daylily does well. I planted two bulbs that produce bunches of white flowers on each stem. I've forgotten the name at the moment since they are bulbs I've never planted before. I thought adding some tall white flowers to the mixed colors of columbines and freesia in the border behind the drooping cherry tree would look good together.

I noticed the drooping cherry tree is starting to bud and flower, it is getting more beautiful each year, a little taller with longer, fuller branches and more pink flowers as the tree matures. Once the pink bloom disappear its time to spray the tree for the yearly infestation of flies cherry trees are prone to. I have tried natural solutions but unfortunately they do not work, and the fly larvae leave the trees leaves a mess. I don't like using anything other than natural solutions but in this case I'll need to spray the tree with a pesticide. I tried a soap and water solution that unfortunately didn't work last spring. I'll keep trying different sprays until I hit on one that works well for the cherry tree.

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