Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thymifolia And Fuchsias In The Spring Garden

As spring begins already the fuchsias are starting to sprout green leaves at the base of their woody stems. I cut back all the fuchsias right before spring to give them a chance to grow well by summer. Here on the north coast fuchsias bloom well into fall since most blooming of flowers is delayed a month or more in seasons, I can only guess this is due to the long rainy season and coastal weather here.

The two-toned pink fuchsias are all full of green leaves near the base of the cut back wood stems, one of them has even produced a flower bud already. This two-toned fuchsia produces flowers from mid to late spring through late fall, it is really quite a sturdy, long blooming fuchsia. The color combination as I've mentioned before is really beautiful and works well with the purple, blue and yellow flowers throughout my garden.

The Thymifolia fuchsia in the back yard is getting huge. I haven't really cut it back although it may be at the point of pruning. The Thymifolia fuchsia under the holly tree has bowing stems now, a good two feet tall and wide. I will take cuttings this spring from the new growth of this fuchsia to propagate more plants. I have one cutting that is ready to plant once the rains subside here. The Thymifolia fuchsia cutting in the front is finally taking off after two seasons, it is set between the two Grosso lavenders under the living room window with purple dutch iris growing behind it. The Thymifolia fuchsia is about eight inches tall now and full of small dark pink fuchsia colored flowers. I'm excited to see how big this plant gets with the full sun yard. So far it looks as healthy and viable as the Thymifolia in the partly shaded area in the back yard. I recommend this fuchsia highly, it is a real workhorse in the garden. The Thymifolia fuchsia is very reliable since it is covered in tiny blooms all year long, giving hummingbirds that stay in the area the rich nectar they need during the fall and winter months.

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