Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hydrangeas, Lilies And Lavender In Spring

My blue hydrangea near the back yard fence is doing well this spring. The plant is a good 2 to 3 foot tall and about 1 to 2 foot wide, about twice the size it was last year. I'm looking forward to the blue flowers it produces, I imagine there will be more now that the plant is two years old and bigger this season. Can't wait until it is full size and filling the shady space against the fence. My other small hydrangea start is not doing much in the front yard, so I may need to dig it up and plant it elsewhere.

The red lilies I planted in my tall metal cone shaped planter are coming up already and look like they may bloom soon. The flower buds are on the tips of the tall green stems and forming a little football shaped flower. These particular lily bulbs didn't bloom last year, with one or two stems coming up and nothing happening from the planting in spring. This spring there are four or five stems coming up from the three red lily bulbs I planted. I'm eager to see what they look like, I imagine the flowers should be fairly big on the plants.

The gloxina bulbs are coming up in the other metal planter, a short squat bucket that has a number of the bulbs in the planter. These bulbs actually came up and did some flowering in late spring/early summer last year after a planting in spring. The feathery tops of the stems are starting to grow taller and I'm hoping there is a good number of flowers this year from the bulbs.

The lavender plants in the front yard and the back yard are now three years old and producing a large amount of stems and flowers. The two Grosso lavenders in the front are usually covered in lavender stems with flowers, while the two Goodwin Creek Grey lavenders have fewer stems but beautiful foliage along with the brilliant purple flowers.

The Grosso lavender has a strong perfume that is wonderful when you brush the stems while walking through the garden. We have dried some of last year's Grosso lavender flowers to steep with my husband's favorite tea Russian Caravan. If you want a lavender that produces a lot of flowers to dry or cut for vases, Grosso is a big producer and will not disappoint you.

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