Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sweet Peas and Cherry Tomatoes To Plant

My favorite all time gardening magazine is BBC Gardener's World Magazine, the information is top notch, fantastic photos and a wealth of great ideas for gardening. My BBC Gardener's World Magazine has all sorts of goodies subscribers can get if they live in the U.K. Unfortunately for me you don't get the same items when your magazine is mailed across the ocean. There are times I really long for some of the great gardening equipment and plants they provide their readers for the price of postage. Once a year there are seeds that are included in the magazine and it really brightens my day when I receive them. This year the seeds arrived enclosed in the March issue of the magazine. In the past there have been some annual flower seeds or vegetables, most often tomato seeds. This time the seeds were cherry tomatoes and sweet peas.

I love sweet peas and could not have been happier with them, they are pink and purple shades and will join my other set of sweet peas I have started growing in my garden shed. Tomatoes here on the north coast are the bane of my existence, I love fresh tomatoes and would grow them all year long if I could, but they have a great deal of trouble growing in the cooler weather here even in a sunny location. I don't have a real greenhouse so that's out of the question. I have not found the trick yet to grow tomatoes successfully here in Eureka but I'm hoping the cherry tomatoes will grow in a new location.

My plan for the cherry tomatoes is to plant them in a hanging basket and place the basket up on the deck to get the most sun available during the day. I tried growing nasturtiums from hanging baskets off the kiwi structure last summer but it didn't work well at all, surprising since nasturtiums grow fine in the front yard at the base of the passionflower trellises. Maybe its all about location, location, location?

I've been thinking about growing sweet peas in the trellis boxes in the front yard, along with the passionflower vines and pink jasmine vines. A few of the passionflower vines died off but it appears that there are at least one in each of the boxes. I planted two new roots of passionflowers from seedlings off the passionflower vines on the fence so I hope they grow this year. I need to check out how tall the sweet peas I currently have growing in the garden shed will be, I need tall vines for the trellis boxes. The gardening magazine sweet peas unfortunately do not have a height listed on the package of seeds so they will probably end up growing up my obelisk in the back yard. I have a small metal trellis that lies flat against the wall in my back flower bed, it might be a candidate for sweet peas as well. The shrub size sweet peas are something I tried a few years ago in the front yard and would like to try again, although this time I'm thinking of planting them in a pot instead of in the ground so they can look very full spilling up and out of the rim of a pot. Well, enough dreaming for now, I'm looking forward to planting the cherry tomatoes and sweet peas this coming weekend if the weather holds up.

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