Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Trimming Heathers and Other Spring Jobs

Spring means a lot of trimming and pruning in my garden. I started pruning the third of five butterfly bushes while my husband cut up the pruned stems from the bushes. Since these bushes are a little smaller than the first two we managed to prune and fit two of the butterfly bushes into the garden waste this past weekend. One to go and that part of the pruning for the back yard will be done.

While my husband gave a mow to the front and back yard lawns, I started trimming the heaths and heathers that had old flowers on them. Usually I get to this a little earlier but this year with the rains it was left 'till later in spring. The handy small pruners my husband gave me for Christmas are perfect for trimming up the heathers. The slight curve of the blades and the small size of the blades fit well when cutting through the delicate stems of the heathers. I got a good start on a few of the heathers in the back yard and had completed trimming the two plants that bloom in spring/summer last fall there. I trimmed up a few of the heathers a few weeks ago in one of the front flower beds and started on the plants on the other side of the walkway this weekend. I still have a few more to do located under the rose bushes but they flowered less so it should be quick going next weekend to finish things up. Heaths and heathers do well with a trim after blooming and can become a bit scraggly if you don't do this, producing stems with bare spots towards the ends of them. The trim also gives the plant a good shaping since some heathers get a little uneven anyway after growing for a few years.

I noticed the blooms on the camellia are opening and the bush has quite a few blooms this year, many more than its ever had before. I did another trim back of a few spikes of rose canes that were growing out of control, expect I'll have to do that every week in spring and summer. My hosta in the planter on the deck is getting quite a bit bigger, still small but surviving against the snails in the yard. It helps to have the pot up on the deck and farther out of the snail's reach. It's probably time to start collecting snails whenever we're out gardening.

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