Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rampant Growth Requires More Pruning

This past weekend was spent trimming the rampant growth of the front yard hedges. The excessive rain this season lasted into the first few weeks of June, which is unusual even for the wet, foggy climate of the north coast. Whatever growth normally happens is quite a bit without throwing in the extra water. Weeds and plants were both growing in abundance here. The front yard hedges needed a trim on the top, putting off a major trimming that will be necessary by July. I used some lightweight loppers to cut the scraggly branches shooting up from the tops of the hedges, it was painstaking work but better than doing a full trim with the hedge trimmers, which will need some muscle behind them when the real trim happens.

While I was out in the front yard I trimmed up the newly sprouting stems of the roses that reached six or more inches above the rose bushes, making them look quite uneven. After they were all trimmed up I decided to trim back some of the lower portion of the curly willow, which never got its yearly trim in early spring and has grown very wide and tall. Many of the branches were reaching down towards the lawn, which can be a pain when you are trying to mow. I trimmed up the one side that needed the most trimming and made a promise to myself to be sure next spring to trim the curly willow back before growth begins.

As I was going through the yard pruning I noticed there were some dead branches hanging from the front of one of the passionflower vines on the trellis, so I did a bit of trimming there to clean things up. Still waiting for the sweet peas to appear after having added more dirt to the trellis boxes weekend before last, hopefully they will sprout soon. No sign of the passionflower roots I planted in the trellises last fall. Like everything else here on the north coast, it may take a season or two for the passionflower vine roots to take hold and grow. I've seen it time and time again where the first season or two plants grow slowly and there is little progress until by the next season growth is strong and the plants look healthy. I have to practice a little patience when it comes to new plants and hope that they will eventually grab hold and begin their growth when they are good and ready to grow.

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