Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rhododenrons And Fuchsias Are Blooming

I was happy to see my rhododendron budding and showing some deep pink fuchsia color on one of the flower buds this year. The shrub has been in the ground for a few years; although it bloomed the first year it was planted, last spring it did not flower. I'm relieved to see there are many buds preparing to flower on my rhodie. The growth of the plant has been fairly slow, which is much like the rhododendron I had in a pot in Petaluma. By the time we moved the plant was at least five years old and a good four feet by four feet in size. The location of my rhododendron is not the best, although the dirt there is home to other plants that are doing well and the rhododendron seems to be doing fine as well. I guess I'm impatient for the shrub to get taller and wider but for now I'm happy to see the deep pink of the blooms begin. My rhodie seems to bloom a number of weeks later than other rhododendrons in town. April is when the coastal rhododendrons bloom here and there is a rhododendron festival that happens towards the end of the same month. I doubt that my rhododendron will change its blooming habits to match the timing of the other rhododendrons in town, but I'm satisfied that my rhodie will flower this year.

The two lavender flowered fuchsias I purchased a few weeks ago seem to like their new spots next to the obelisk. One of the fuchsias appears to have bloom already starting to form which really surprised me. The fuchsias are only about four or five inches tall so they are small plants to start with. I'm hoping these fuchsias grow well in this spot, they stand against a grey fence and have plenty of room to grow out and upwards next to the obelisk structure.

I'm considering repotting my hanging fuchsia baskets. The lining of the baskets are wearing thin and I need to find a good source for liners. So far in town I haven't found anything worthwhile. A few more trips to local nurseries may help me find something suitable for the hanging baskets. Two of the baskets were left by the previous homeowner and have moss liners, which is what I'd like to use to re-line the baskets if I can find it. The coco liners of the other hanging baskets doesn't wear too well, far from ideal but they are functional. I think some new dirt and sturdy liners would go a long way in rejuvenating the fuchsias in the hanging baskets.

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