Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Time To Prune Pink Jasmine Vines

In spring and summer I spend every few weeks trimming back the vigorous growth of the numerous pink jasmine vines in the front and back yards. This Saturday was reserved for the front porch jasmine vine, which regularly get out of hand winding around the porch railing and sending out long runners at the base of the vine. I hadn't trimmed up this vine since last fall/winter so the vine was due for a good trim. I shaped the vine so visitors were not accosted with the tall arms of the vine as they walk up the porch to the front door. The base of the plant was pretty bad, as it always is with the runners skewing every which way. I filled the garden bin half way full just with this one vine. I cleared up the runners covering much of the area in the corner of the porch near the back yard gate. I have a fern, a Johnson's Blue geranium and a heather with burgundy flowers set in that area and all are growing fairly well there. Eventually the fern should be big enough to add some real texture to that corner while the Johnson's Blue geranium and heather fill in the lower portion of the porch corner.

When the weather is warm enough on the coast (which it rarely is) you can smell the pink jasmine flowers more. I imagine in hotter weather these jasmine vines would be very fragrant, but here on the coast you must put your face down to the flowers or hit a warm summer day to smell the fragrance of the flowers on the vines. The flowers are lovely but the vine seems to bloom best when it is overgrown on the top and even then, there aren't nearly the amount of blooms you'd see on regular jasmine shrubs. I think part of this may be the cooler weather here, when its warmer there are more blooms in summer. Still the pink and white jasmine flowers are pretty for all the work that goes into maintaining the plants.

The last part of jasmine trimming was spent cutting back the runners on the deck near the hot tub so the vines would be even again with the trellis wall. Next weekend will probably be spent trimming back more pink jasmine, this time cutting back the runners from the jasmine shrubs lining the back yard deck. Its a lot of work but the jasmine trimming has to happen at least once a month in spring and summer to maintain the plants so they don't take over the yard.

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