Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Garnet Penstemon And Johnson's Blue Geraniums In Bloom

As the weather on the north coast finally starts to heat up a tad to the low to mid sixties near the end of June, the summer plants are rapidly growing and blooming beautifully. The garnet penstemon is making a great show for one year's growth, which is unusual since most of my new plants take a good two years to really get going here in the coastal weather. The garnet penstemon started with a few blooms on the plant and in the last two weeks has a good amount of large brilliant garnet red tubular blooms on the plant. The penstemon loves its warm spot against the front yard fence and is growing quite big and tall already for being in the ground for such a short time. I love penstemons because you simply plant and let them grow, the only maintenance besides a weekly deep watering is to give them a trim off the top after summer blooming ends or cut down by half height if the plant looks worn. Penstemons are very hardy and are a foolproof bloomer for late spring into the summer months.

The purple flowering hebe next to the penstemon is taking its sweet time in terms of growth, I'm hoping it starts getting taller and fuller. The leaves are thicker and greener than this original photo, and there is some top growth but growth is going slowly so far. The hebe looks very pretty next to the penstemon and rhododendron, providing a different type of leaf to accent the other two shrubs. I can't wait for the hebe to start blooming. I'm hoping it will flower this summer since it is larger than when first planted. The size of the full grown plant flowering is really lovely, I look forward to seeing it bloom.

The other plant that is growing and flowering well is my Johnson's Blue geranium, planted below the drooping cherry tree. The flowers on the geranium are a brilliant purple/blue shade that is so striking in the garden. The other Johnson's Blue geranium is in a shadier area near the porch and is smaller, blooming less than the other plant. I am considering moving this plant into a sunnier position to get the most out of it in terms of size and bloom, possibly a place near the climbing roses would be a good choice. In the meantime I want to try to take some cuttings from the garnet penstemon and plant it behind the Johnson's Blue geranium in the flower bed where the drooping cherry sits to add some height in the back between the growing heath and heather plants. The bright color of garnet red would be a welcome addition to the other side of the front yard.

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