Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Heaths & Heathers In Bloom

My summer heaths and heathers are starting to bud out and bloom this month. The heathers near the rhododendron are budding quite a bit, the early spring trim back has really helped shape them for a good profile and extracting abundant bloom on the shrubs. The heaths seem to bloom longer, their cupped bell shaped flowers are bright and colorful shades of pink and purple. One particular heath is doing very well near the climbing roses, probably due to the sunlight available there. This heath almost never stops blooming all year long, it is impressive, and obviously loves where it is planted! The tiny dark pink flowered heather is due to start budding up soon, it is such a beautiful combination with the electric blue flowering ground cover of lithodora, which is already starting to bloom.

The back flower bed near the gate has been an eyesore since we moved into the house. This summer we are going to try to pull part of it down since it is mostly made up of giant river rocks (the favorite of the past homeowner) and frankly was always a wasteland of weeds and dirt, other than a big bunch of wild seeded ferns growing out of the side of the bed. I do have two spring flowering heathers in part of this misshapen flowerbed that are huge, probably two feet wide and just as tall. This past spring the leaves of the shrub colored but there were no blooms, making it pretty clear its time to dig those shrubs out and replant them elsewhere. I'm thinking back near the kiwi vines might be a good sunny location, plus we need a lot of room to plant them since they are so big now. There is a wild seeded passionflower vine growing up from the back of the fenced walls that shape this triangle flower bed and every once in a while a flower blooms on it.

We are not sure how much of the triangle shaped fence is left intact behind the dirt and rocks. This photo is a cleaned up version of the bed from last year. The flower bed will be attacked in the coming weeks to see how difficult it will be to disassemble it, pulling down a corner of the bed is probably the way to go in case we have to put things back together. If we can successfully disassemble this bad looking flower bed it will give me another place to create a new flower bed and plant herbs or heathers in its sunny location.

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