Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Coastal Flower Beds In Summer

This past weekend was spent weeding, weeding, weeding in the front yard...and fixing one of the sprinkler heads for our automatic watering system. I feel very fortunate that the previous home owner installed a water sprinkling system in the front and back yards. The controls are in the house and makes it easy to run areas manually or put them on a weekly watering schedule. The sprinkler head has not been working for a while in the front yard so my husband dug it up and replaced it with a back up sprinkler head. I'd been hand watering that area for a while and now there is less watering to do by hand, which leaves me more time for other gardening tasks.

I spent a good portion of my time Saturday weeding under the climbing roses to clear grass growing in the flower beds and another wild grass that has been growing here and there in the garden as well. As I've mentioned before, grass grows rampant here and had been long established invading the flower beds before we even moved to Humboldt county. Clearing the areas beneath the roses helped the small lavenders show up more. The lavenders are still small but are flowering for the first time this year. A number of the heathers growing under the climbing roses showed up better once some of the grass had been removed. One of the heathers is a small medium green mounded heather that is probably five inches wide now. The leaves of this particular heather is very soft, unusual for most heathers and heaths pine-tree like leaves. One of the other heathers is starting to show some blooms, a heather similar to a Silver King heather I planted in the back yard, silvery in leaf color with small lavender flowers growing on the tips. The erica I planted a few seasons ago in fall is now a good three feet wide and almost as tall, with bright magenta bell flowers that seems to bloom all year long.

The garnet pestemon in the front yard flower bed is growing bigger every week. This one plant must be over three feet tall and just as wide, covered in dark pink tubular blossoms. I have two pieces of this garnet pestemon I am trying to root in water, I hope they root easily so I can add another pestemon or two to the front yard where the warm sun will help them grow readily. I can imagine putting a number of garnet pestemons in the back yard against the back fence. I have a few pieces of what I believe to be Shasta daisy I dug up from the front yard on the sidewalk. The daisies grow in our neighbors yard across the street and seeded themselves in a big bunch in a crack in the sidewalk in front of our house. I dug up the roots of the plants and ended up with about five or six pieces I potted up. One of the pieces I put directly into the front flower bed that sits behind the drooping cherry tree. This is a hearty plant that looks great when it is big and blooming. I am hoping the daisy will take hold in the flower bed and the pots so I can grow them in our front and back yards in summer for years to come.

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