Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Plans For Next Gardening Season

As summer winds down here on the north coast I'm thinking of next season and what to do with the area under the climbing roses. As soon as October 1st hits, it is fall here, unlike Petaluma where some of the hottest weather occurred during that month. I'm a big fan of cooler weather right at the beginning of October. My fuchsias keep blooming in October, the purple geranium blooms all year long, and the heaths and heathers do well in all seasons.

The area underneath the climbing roses has had little planted under it until two years ago. I started plantings with the cotoneaster under the climbing roses in the corner of the front yard fence. I rooted a piece of purple geranium growing in the back yard and planted this new plant near the roses in the corner this spring, so far it is growing bigger but not flowering this season. I added six heaths and heathers in that same area, three two years ago and three new ones from last fall. Most of the heaths and heathers are growing well, some better than others because three of them were originally bigger plants to start with. The three munstead lavenders were tiny shrubs in two inch pots that have been in place for three years and are finally blooming. Unfortunately the lavenders are still only five or six inches tall and wide. Someday I hope they become full sized lavenders. I planted two Goodwin Creek Grey lavender cuttings I rooted from my shrubs in the back yard this spring, not much happening as of yet. The original Goodwin Creek Grey lavenders are twice as big now as the picture above, really an impressive lavender. I have three or four of naked lady bulbs I planted last fall at the base of the roses, the leaves came up this year but no flowers as of yet.

Even with this amount of plants the area under the rose looks bare, primarily from the lavenders not having grown full size. My plan is to move my purple hebe, which is being crowded out by the garnet pestemon and the rhododendron in another flower bed, to the center of the rose area against the fence where it will get more sun and have room to grow. I have a few pieces of pestemon I am trying to root, I want to add two of the dark pink pestemons against the fence on either side of the hebe. With these additional plants the climbing roses should have a good amount of color underneath them. I plan to plant one of the Shasta daisies I've potted up this summer over on the other side of the fence near the roses, there is plenty of room for it to grow there with the purple geranium planted in front of that area. Lastly, a sprinkling of nasturtium seeds are planted in the corner under the roses and should produce some vines to fill in under that area behind the cotoneaster. If there is room left, a few more heathers may find their way to the rose flowerbed after the annual October heath and heather sale.

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