Wednesday, October 13, 2010

R.I.P. Steve the Cat

Steve the cat had been my faithful companion eighteen years, two months and one week. He left us on Friday, October 8 at 4:00 p.m. I first met Steve at my apartment complex, he was about three months old and hanging out with other stray cats at the bottom of my stairway. I've always had a soft spot for animals, especially kitties, so I put some dry food and water out for the kitties at the top of my stairs. Steve was a Russian Blue, a gorgeous grey, very tall for his age but so young, I worried for him. Steve ate the food regularly at the top of my stairs and unlike the other kitties would take that opportunity to run into my apartment whenever I opened the door for the next few weeks. Steve kept running into my apartment when he got the chance and we bonded. When he ran into my apartment after my friends left that Christmas Eve, I decided he was my Christmas present and I adopted him and named him Steve after a college friend who had passed away. He had a lot of nicknames along the way, including the one I used most, Stevecat.

My favorite memory of Steve is when he sat at the screen door looking out into the garden. I kept him as an indoor cat and he readily accepted the change, since when he was outdoors he was scared to be out there. When I met my future husband a few months later, my husband used a feather on a stick to keep Steve entertained. Steve was a one person cat, but eventually he became very close to my husband as well. Steve enjoyed sitting in the window above our bed, jumping up and scratching the wood as he climbed. We didn't mind so much because he loved looking outside. Steve loved to sit in the doorway with the screendoor opened so he could smell the fresh air and watch the world go by. When we moved up to Eureka, he was fourteen and adjusted well, sitting on a stool at the back door with the screen open so he could look out into our garden. This was a much better view for Steve and he made the most of his time at the back door.

The last six months Steve declined, but with every look he gave you he was still Steve, even up to the last few hours. Steve did a little upside down head turn when he was laying down, so cute, and he managed to do a head turn the day before he passed away. We were both honored to hold him as he died peacefully at home.

We will miss you Stevecat...more than you can ever know. Jump up in the window all you want.

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