Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall Planting for Heathers

There was finally a break in the rain this past weekend, with enough time for me to plant the seven heathers we purchased from the annual heath and heather sale. I brought out my small shovel, some extra dirt, and five of the seven heathers to the front yard. I dug up the red rose bush that has been doing very poorly underneath the pink roses. The red rose may put out one or two roses each summer and other than green leaves sits there looking forlorn. I'm not sure if the rose just isn't viable or if its place against the fence wasn't a good choice, but I decided to dig it up and replant it in the back yard near the kiwi vines. Another spot can't hurt, and it can't do much worse there, hopefully better. The red rose was a strange placement under the pink roses and always looked out of place. I was able to dig it up with plenty of dirt surrounding it and replanted it successfully.

The space left by the red rose was taken by the heather that grows up to five feet tall. This heather has pale pink bell flowers with a darker pink edge at the tip of the flowers. It is a beautiful plant and I'm hoping it does well in this spot back towards the fence. On one side of the heather and one of the pink climbing roses, I planted a rooting of my garnet colored pestemon plant, which should look terrific paired with the pinks of the roses and purple flowers of the small lavenders growing there. Next I planted the four ground cover heathers in front of two of the climbing roses, these four plants should fill in the area next to the lawn very well and help keep down weeds. Best of all they produce an abundance of pink blooms that should look fantastic during the fall and winter months.

I decided at that point I might as well dig up the purple hebe and plant it next to one of the climbing roses. The rhododendron and garnet pestemon were crowding out the hebe. I planted the hebe with plenty of breathing room surrounding it and hope it grows even better in its new spot. After planting and replanting plants, I decided I might as well plant the remaining two heathers in the back yard. These heathers are very different, one has pink buds on green branches, while the other has the orange/yellow/bronze colors on its leaves. I planted them both underneath the deck below the pink jasmine. Once I finished all the planting I sat in my chair and could see these heathers easily from the arbor where I spend time enjoying the garden. Planting the heathers was a pretty big job all in all. Next is the planting of the various bulbs I've been buying. I will be getting a late start but hopefully the good weather will hold up through next weekend so the bulbs can finally get in the ground before the rains start up again.

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