Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Deer Resistant Plants Part I

Deer in your garden can be a challenge. Deer can decimate a garden when they become frequent hungry visitors. One way to combat this situation is to offer plants that do not appeal to the deer. Often enough a hungry deer will try just about any plant in the garden. This list of plants are known to be rarely eaten by deer, planting plants that are not as appealing to deer may help keep the damage to your garden down.

Here is part one of deer resistant plants for your garden:

Angel’s Trumpet – Annual
Annual Vinca – Annual ground cover
Autumn Crocus – Bulb
Barberry – Shrub
Bearberry – Ground cover
Bleeding Heart – Perennial
Blue Fescue – Ornamental grass
Butterfly Bush – Shrub
Cinnamon Fern – Fern
Foxglove – Biennial
Daffodils – Bulbs
Flowering Tobacco/Nicotiana – Annual
Heaths & Heathers – Shrub
Iris – Perennial bulb
Japanese Painted Fern – Fern

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