Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Deer Resistant Plants Part III

Deer in your garden can be a challenge. Deer can decimate a garden when they become frequent hungry visitors. One way to combat this situation is to offer plants that do not appeal to the deer. Often enough a hungry deer will try just about any plant in the garden. This list of plants are known to be rarely eaten by deer, planting plants that are not as appealing to deer may help keep the damage to your garden down. 

Here is part three of deer resistant plants for your garden:

Lavender-Cotton/Santolina - Perennial
Leatherleaf Viburnum - Shrub
Lily of the Valley - Groundcover
Marjoram - Herb
Monkshood - Perennial
Mountain Pieris - Perennial
Pampus Grass - Ornamental Grasses
Poppy - Annual
Pot Marigold - Annual
Purple Rock-Cress
Red Pine - Tree
Rose Campion - Perennial
Rosemary - Perennial
Rue Anemone - Perennial
Russian Cypress - Shrub

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