Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pink Blooming Heathers And Hungry Robins

During November and December the robins have been picking the holly tree bare of its bright red berries. I'm so glad the trees are huge enough that they produce enough berries for at least three or four weeks of food for the groups of robins that start visiting at the end of October. In December there were still robins here and there picking at a few berries but spending most of their time sunning themselves on branches (when it was sunny between the rain storms of fall and winter) or sitting on top of our Victorian's pointy roof. I walked through the garden before planting my spring bulbs late in December and the cotoneaster plant still had its orange berries, I guess the robins and other birds haven't discovered this little plant yet.

During my late spring bulb planting I walked through the front yard to see how the new heathers were doing, along with my transplanted hebe shrub. It had been weeks since I planted them and it had been raining so much I hadn't been able to go out and see how they were doing. As I suspected the heathers were doing very well, they are so hardy and adapt so well to our garden I really haven't ever lost one here on the north coast. The Kramer's Rote heathers that were newly planted under the pink roses are blooming just like the original Kramer's Rote near the rhododendron. The original heather is covered in every square inch with deep pink flowers with a cream colored edging, just beautiful. The two new small Kramer's Rote heathers are also covered in the same blooms and although small look striking where they are planted. The hebe looks good, in fact very good, nice and green and nestled up next to one of the pink climbing roses.

If the dark fuchsia pestemon cuttings do not grow near the roses I'll need to invest in two new Garnet pestemons to fill that area up along with the hebe. I'm pleased to see the heathers all doing so well, including the heather destined to grow five feet tall, even this heather has a good covering of tiny light pink bell shaped flowers with a dark red edging at the flower tips. I'm eager to see how the plants all grow when spring arrives and growth spurts begin.

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