Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowdrops Plant Profiles

During the winter months I thought it would be fun to showcase plant profiles of my favorite garden workhorse plants and new plants I'm interested in growing. This week's plant profile is snowdrops.

Snowdrops are a little reminder that spring is on its way. This small bulb is great for naturalizing, and works wonderfully under shrubs and trees. Planting snowdrops near the edge of walkways showcases the tiny bulbs. Snowdrops grow from 4-6 inches tall with 1 inch flowers generally in white, sometimes with a tinge of green at the tips. They multiply easily, which make them a great addition to the garden. Plant snowdrops in the fall, it may take two to three years for the bulbs to multiply over time. Snowdrops do best in northern gardens compared to warmer areas, they dislike warm winters, they do not do well in Southern California, Florida or hot climate areas. The bulbs can be left undivided for many years of enjoyment. Snowdrops are not bothered by pests such as rabbits, deer, squirrels or mice making them a great choice for your garden. Snowdrop bulbs can dry out easily so plant them soon after you purchase them.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons:

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