Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Early Spring and North Coast Rains

With an excess of sunshine on the usually rainy north coast, plants have decided it must be spring already. I think we are gearing up for more rain starting next week, no doubt battering the new sprouts and bulbs popping up in the bright sunlight. Our winters are full of rain here, generally from October/November through April/May, with heavy rains eventually leveling down to showers in late spring.

The white camellia is putting out big round flower buds, these are the most gorgeous flowers when they bloom, small but sculpted finer than most fancy roses. With rain still coming the blooms can brown and fall off more easily. I'm hoping the buds do not open for a while to give the flowers a chance to bloom and look lovely before the rain batters them. The ferns are still died down next to the camellia, but the calla lilies, as always, are growing tall and steady for an Easter bloom. If you have calla lilies in the garden they are pretty much fool proof for healthy growth and bloom.

My hebe that was transplanted in late fall is doing wonderfully next to the climbing roses, in fact, it looks like it is thriving in this new location with even healthier looking leaves, twice the width and some added growth in height. I hope the shrub will be big enough to bloom this year, I am eager to see this variety's purple blooms in action. The pink heathers I planted below the climbing roses are faring well in their new spots and don't mind the rain or chill of winter at all. Talk about sturdy shrubs! We finally had a freeze or two but the garden looks non the worse for wear. Spring is coming and fighting against the normal north coast rainy weather to take over early in the season.

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