Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Maple Trees For The New Year

Last year the city provided homes that wanted them free trees to landscape the sidewalks. Our lot is big enough that we were given three trees. The volunteers came and planted the trees towards the end of last year. My choice was three japanese maples. Apparently there was only one larger japanese maple and two very small japanese maples, small enough that they barely looked like shrub size. Comparing the photos here you can see how much bigger the large japanese maple was to the left compared to the other two trees. Within the first few weeks one of the small japanese maples was dug up and stolen, no doubt at night since we work from home and would notice a commotion out front. In the following weeks other trees were damaged and ruined around town. The other small japanese maple tree was kicked and damaged, possibly enough to kill it, but the stem was not broken in half fortunately. We had already reported what happened with the first tree and now we had to report yet another. Luckily the larger japanese maple was big enough it was not damaged. It is hard to imagine someone bored enough to destroy trees or needy enough to steal a tree from someone else's home but unfortunately it happens. 

Our choice was to wait until 2011 and have new japanese maples to replace the smaller two trees, or choose new trees. We chose new trees and decided to have the two japanese maples replaced with three October Glory Maples, and hoped the large japanese maple was big enough to be replanted in another yard and thrive. The trees will be bigger (we wanted smaller trees in front) but in fact the leaves are more colorful, a brilliant red that will be stunning in fall. The thought of having to keep the trees trimmed back so they are smaller was thrown out as we decided let the trees be as big as they want, the more colorful leaves the better. Japanese maples are slow growing, which didn't help when it came to the vandals stealing or damaging our trees. The three October Glory Maples are closer to the large size of the large japanese maple tree and are supposed to be fast growing trees, making stealing them or damaging them more difficult.

Once the October Glory Maples have more time in the ground this spring I will take some photos to track the growth of the trees. The green leaves will turn to red in fall and apparently are late to color for maple trees. There were a few stray red leaves on one of the newly planted maple trees and they were a beautiful color. I am looking forward to the bright colors covering the maple trees when fall season begins this coming year.

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