Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Peek Of Spring Blooms In Winter

We are having a few weeks of sunny but cool weather, strange for the north coast where most of winter and parts of spring are spent in rain. This second week of sun is urging my tulip bulbs to the surface of its green pot situated on the table on our deck. I can see from our kitchen the green leaves coming up about an inch or more from the soil. I planted a number of yellow and dark purple tulips in a pot to see how well they would do in a container and am excited to see them bloom in spring.

The large pink hyacinth that were planted by the previous homeowner years before we moved here are coming up in the long flower bed in the back yard, one of the bulbs fully up from the ground and blooming. The purple dutch iris in the same flower bed have already sent up their stems preparing for the coming spring weather. Crocus leaves are sticking up from the round ceramic pot on the deck, typically the earliest bulbs to fully appear in my garden. This year the pink hyacinth has beaten the crocus for blooming. The bluebells leaves are tall already beneath the obolisk where they slowly naturalize in the ground.

The new bulbs I am most interested in seeing appear in the front yard are the large snowdrops. There is a batch of them in front of each trellis, with blue scilla underplanting them. I am hoping the snowdrops do well here, so little grows in the shade of the trellis since it is large and casts a shadow on part of the winding flowerbeds leading up to the front porch. The winter heathers stand guard throughout the front and back yard, no weather seems to deter them as they wear their winter colored leaves and blooms to dress up the garden.

It is these little glimpses of spring leaves here and there that makes me smile as I walk through my winter garden and see the coming of the new season even in the coldest of winter weather.

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