Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bulbs For The Summer Garden

I've been happy to see the spring and fall bulbs still appearing in our local store after the gardening center closed down. Since there are twice as many boxes of bulbs available at our local store as before its been fun to pick and choose the bulbs I want to plant in my garden from week to week. I'm hoping the bulbs last for another month so I get a good selection to plant for summer flowers. So far I have chosen mostly pink flowering bulbs since they seem to have a glut of that color in the bulbs I want.

The latest bulbs I purchased are two pink coneflowers and a Japanese windflower. I tried coneflowers once before without much success. I will be very careful with the placement of the coneflowers, but they will end up in the front yard near the roses. Sometimes finding just the right place for optimum light and growth is what it takes for a plant to really take hold. Moving my hebe from next to the rhododendron to a wider spacious area under the climbing roses made a difference for the shrub, the additional light and space appear to be what is working best for the hebe shrub, I can't wait to see it flower this year. The Japanese windflower has a bright yellow center that looks great with the pink daisy-like flower. The Japanese windflower will join the coneflowers next to one of the climbing roses. It is a lot of pink for that area, along with the pink flowering heathers at the base of the roses, but variations of one color can look great if you have enough different shades of the color together. These two plants have a darker pink than the roses so these plants should look good together.

Another box of bulbs I purchased are blue echinops, they look similar to tall allium bulbs with their large, rounded flowers. The echinops are very tall and will be placed next to the climbing roses to provide some other color to that area along with the pink flowers in place. I'd like to find some yellows to mix in with the blue of the echinops, the pinks of the various bulbs, heathers and roses, and the purple flower of the hebe shrub.

The dwarf size dahlia bulb will be planted in a pot and placed on the deck table so I can see it flower from the kitchen window. This dahlia is, of course, pink. I guess pink is a very popular color and sells well. I like pink but I'd love to see other colors offered but at half price I shouldn't complain too much. The dahlia flowers have some yellow near the center of the flower, this should be very pretty when blooming. I've planted a few larger dahlias in the garden here and there since we've been on the north coast but none have come up. Maybe its time to study up on what dahlias need to succeed.

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