Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Time To Trim Up The Spring Garden

We are heading into April soon and the rains have continued, making it harder to find time to trim up the garden. There is already some rampant growth showing with new bulbs bursting from the ground, the budding of the drooping cherry tree in the front yard, and new leaves on the butterfly bushes in the back yard. Last year we started our pruning of the butterfly bushes about this same time of year. The butterfly bushes have grown so big since we moved here it takes a number of weeks to cut them back and dispose of the branches in the yard waste. Too many branches fill the garden waste, so we averaged one or two butterfly bushes each week. It looks like the rains will keep us from starting earlier in our pruning of the butterfly bushes. I am hoping this coming weekend we can get a start on them, along with a trim of the kiwi vines.

The kiwi vines are still laden with kiwi fruit that once again has not ripened. We are not sure what the difference is from the first year we were here when they ripened to the other three years when the fruit didn't ripen. We have a male and female vine, with only one vine producing fruit every year. This past year we didn't cut back the branches formed last summer and there is no difference. Guess its time to read up on kiwi vines and see what could possibly be wrong with the production of scads of kiwi fruit that never ripen.

While we start our early spring pruning the hedges in the front yard are due for a good trim. I think I will ask my husband to trim them as far down as he can since they missed their fall trim. The rain started earlier than usual and caused problems for us. We did have two to three weeks of dry weather last month, very unusual for this time of year. Unfortunately those weekends were spent buying birthday gifts and other planned outings that needed to happen. Of course the weekend after we were prepared to get out in the garden and the rains began again. It is typical to see rain in the local paper's weather forecast all week long. I am hoping for some clear weather here soon so we can at least give a slight facelift to the ravages of our weary winter garden.

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