Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Tulips Blooming

A number of weeks ago I planted two sets of tulips in my back yard. Both sets are comprised of yellow and deep purple tulips, really a pretty combination. I'm a huge fan of purple and I love how the color yellow helps add spark and highlight to the numerous shades of purples, blues, and pinks in my garden.

The first set of tulips is on either side of my metal obelisk structure in the back yard. Looking from the dining room window I can see this little V shaped section behind the back yard flower bed. Already in this section there are two large areas filled with blooming bluebells that were established long before we moved here. I planted a number of the yellow and purple tulips on either side of the obelisk, they are growing and beginning to color as the bluebells grow inside the area of the obelisk and in front of it. I'm excited to see the bloom coincide so closely together for the established bluebells and the newly planted tulips.

The second set of yellow and purple tulips are in a container placed on the patio table in front of my kitchen window. This set of tulips is growing faster and taller than the tulips near the obelisk. I planted quite a few in the container and they are looking fantastic so far. I also planted a set of multi-colored ranunculus bulbs in the pot for summer blooms. I have never grown ranunculus so I am looking forward to how well they do in the container.

I am thinking of planting the new dahlia bulbs I have next to the obelisk for summer blooms. I tried planting a few dahlias last year in the front yard and had no real luck with them. I will try them in this spot and see if they take off. I am thinking it would be helpful to add some new dirt and fertilizer to that area since the container is doing better than the ground area for the tulips. I've never added anything to this V shaped area and its probably time to try and improve the soil. I guess I'd better get a few more dahlias tonight at the store, three won't be quite enough for planting if I want a good display this summer.

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