Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Repotting Bulbs and Plants

I spent some quality time repotting a few plants and adding bulbs to some of those pots, since I currently have a shortage of pots for my garden and pots tend to be extremely expensive. Since the dirt level had lowered quite a bit in the Hostas pot I decided to lift it in its early growth and add more soil, planting it closer to the front of the pot. This particular pot drains well so I added the two red Amaryllis bulbs I have towards the back of the pot. This way after the hosta dies back in fall/winter the Amaryllis will be growing and blooming, ready to flower during the holiday months. The photo shows one of the Amaryllis bulbs in full bloom indoors during the winter. With all this repotting happening I may have a solution to my gardening container problem after all. There are many garage sales in our area during spring and summer, its time for me to check the local garage sales featuring plants and pots so I can build on my collection of usable pots for the garden.

After repotting the mint into the large thyme pot, I used the freed up green pot to plant my new purple Astilbe bulb. The potting up was easy to do with all new soil and the Astilbe bulb already showing growth at the top of the bulb, ready to grow. The mint and thyme pot lives on the wooden bench on the deck as does the new Astilbe plant. Since the pots seemed very wet in soil after the rains I moved the bench and pots to a more direct sun area of the deck where the soil should dry out more readily.

My final job for the day was to add some slow release fertilizer to our potted Christmas tree and move the tree back into the semi-shady area it used to live in. I was hoping the sunnier location would help green up the leaves of the Christmas tree but in fact it didn't help at all, looking worse than usual. Back it went to its original location. I expect with the shadier spot and some fertilizer the green of the tree will look better in the coming months.

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