Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Updating Hanging Fuchsia Baskets

My hanging fuchsia baskets have worn down in dirt and coco shells, sorely needing to be replanted. We had some burlap fabric we decided to try using to see if it held up better than the coco shell liners, which gave out after a year's time. The replanting of the fuchsia baskets was not a full on pull the fuchsia plants out of the original dirt and replant but required taking the top soil with the plant, then adding the burlap and dirt and placing the old top soil in place. We'll see how this works and if this strategy works or fails. I thought it would be safer to keep some of the original plant in place where the fuchsias are growing in case the burlap layer did not work well.

My husband helped me replant four of the seven hanging baskets with burlap lining and some new dirt, leaving a few hanging baskets to work on in the coming weeks. I placed some slow release fertilizer in the dirt with the fuchsias to help them grow better this summer. The replanting was mostly successful for now. I'm hoping the fuchsias react well to the new dirt and grow well this season since last season it was obvious they needed more soil and some rehab from the minimal flowering going on in summer. If the burlap does not hold up well and the fuchsias do not flower well this summer, I will use moss to line the baskets and redo all the dirt surrounding the plants.

I already did some basic cutting back of the fuchsias in the long back yard flower border. I still need to prune back my other pink fuchsias throughout the front and back yard. Since all plants here on the North Coast are a good month or two behind of flowering in summer compared to the flowering in May for my Petaluma plants, pruning in the next few weeks will be no problem, leaving plenty of time for the fuchsias to grow and flower.

Along with the replanting of the fuchsia baskets I planted some dark pink and purple babiana bulbs in the half moon shaped planter along with the alyssum that is struggling in the little clay pots. Originally I tried some dwarf nasturtiums in the pots but they didn't really take off. After adding the babiana bulbs to the pots I moved the half moon planter out into a full sun area of the deck, thinking that perhaps there was too much filtered shade under the pink jasmine vines where the planter was living. The small terra cotta pots float inside the three holders of the half moon planter and look great, now if only the plants would grow better in them all would be well with my garden world.

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