Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Late Planting Of Summer Bulbs

I finally found the time to finish planting all but one box of my summer bulbs. Its been busy these past few weekends and difficult to find the time or energy for bulb planting but now they are all mostly in the ground ready to grow.

The two small pink dahlias were placed in two flimsy one gallon containers, no chance to buy green plastic pots yet but I'm sure I can easily move them from one pot to the other with little disturbance. The small dahlias already had part of the plant growing up from the tuber, and is sticking out slightly above the dirt in the pots. I am looking forward to seeing these dwarf style dahlias with their brilliant pink flowers with yellow markings bloom this summer.

Next I planted a mix of ten purple and white anenome tubers in a pot with my hosta. The hosta never gets too big, and its replanting in a new pot meant I could move it forward towards the front edge, leaving room in the back for my two Amaryllis bulbs and the addition of the anenomes. The hosta is leafing out and has produced a flower, which it did not do the first year in a pot, no doubt this is an improvement on the health of the hosta overall. Add the anenomes with the hosta seemed like the best place for now for the anenomes, I'm hoping the container will look pretty with the pot so full of blooming plants. I have some small purple anenomes in my heather barrel that look great blooming in spring against the heathers every year, and have grown the full sized anenomes in my garden in Petaluma. The larger anenomes tend to grow back smaller the second year after planting, but are still very pretty when blooming.

The two Siberian iris tubers I had looked quite a bit different from dutch iris tubers and bearded iris tubers, both of which I have grown in my garden. The two purple Siberian iris tubers did not look like they were in good shape and appeared a little dried out. I planted them anyway to see if they would bounce back with a good watering. I planted the Siberian iris on either side of the back porch planters.

I planted some orange and yellow nasturtiums surrounding the obelisk in the back yard, and planted a few more seeds under the green arbor near my chair where a few nasturtiums are already growing. The final bulbs I planted went into my back yard long border, two dahlias (one red with white markings and one in purple), and a purple daylily. I've not grown dahlias before this year, I tried previously in the front yard and the dahlias did not come up. I am hoping any one of the various dahlias I have planted do well in the back yard and in the pots I planted them in. I would guess the dwarf dahlias have the best chance with the vigorous stem growing up from them before I planted them. I really hope the yellow dahlias I planted within the last month come up next to the obelisk, they will look wonderful with the orange and yellow nasturtiums I planted on the raised border there.

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