Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Watering And Pruning Time

When June hits here on the North Coast generally its time to start watering. Rain is so abundant until June there is no need to water weekly, but the rains stop or turn to a few showers in June and watering become essential to the garden. The container plants come first, hanging fuchsia baskets and pots with plants need a good weekly watering. There is enough fog mist and cool weather (temps run in the low to mid 60's and here and there 70 degrees during summer) that there is little evaporation. Typically baskets and pots need more than a weekly water in hot weather but here it works fine once a week. I water the plants that do not get much water from the automated watering system which hits some flower beds and most of the lawn areas in the front and back yards.

Since I have a number of new heaths and heathers every October from my plant purchases at the heather farm I need to be sure these new heaths and heathers are watered well weekly. Heaths and heathers have delicate roots that need a weekly watering during the first year they are planted in the ground, after a year's time they are drought tolerant. The first year of watering for new heaths and heathers is vitally important. Heaths and heathers also need well draining soil, they do not like to sit in water so good drainage is also essential for successful heath and heather growth.

The other task that began in June is my weekly to bi-weekly trim of the climbing pink roses. I trimmed up the one to two feet tall spurts of growth that come up from the plants to keep the shape of the roses well trimmed. I've learned that these new growths do well when I trim them down as far as they can go to the main branch of the roses, keeping my trimming at every two weeks if successfully done. If only the climbing roses bloomed as much as most rose bushes do, but unfortunately they bloom for about a month's time and then the blooms are gone.

The lawns were mowed and now are in better shape for mowing a few times a month during summer. The hedge trimming is up next, having missed its fall trimming the front yard hedges are sorely in need of some shaping and trimming to make the front yard look better.

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