Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pink Jasmine And Pruning Duties

We spent time in the garden this past weekend, there was a lot of pruning and mowing that needed to happen. Now that the rains finally seem to be over we are getting a later start on our garden clean up. My husband spent quite a bit of time mowing the front and back lawn, then trimming the edges of each yard. I trimmed back the climbing roses, they like to send up tall shoots into the air that make the roses look uneven during the summer. Every two weeks or so I have to cut back the long stems to make the roses look better. Next I started to trim back the pink jasmine vine surrounding the front porch railing. I haven't kept up as well with this vine and pink jasmine grows wildly during spring and summer, its really meant to be crawling up a tall trellis, not a short porch or on the deck like it is in the back yard. I hand trimmed the vine and tried to cut back some of the runners it sends out. I still have some work to go to really totally clean it up but its in better shape now.

My husband decided it would be easier to use the hedge trimmer on the pink jasmine on the back yard deck, he cut the vines back quite a bit, which really gives us a better view now of the back yard. The front yard hedges have to wait until next week since just cutting back the jasmine vines filled our large garden waste container. Sometimes I wonder if it would be easier to remove the pink jasmine and replace them with a lower growing plant that is easier managed. I hate to dig up a perfectly good vine so hopefully the hedge trimming will keep the pink jasmine vines in better control during spring and summer.

I noticed the trellis boxes look pretty pathetic with only one passionflower vine each in the boxes. Two of the original passionflower vines died off last year. For whatever reason the two pink jasmine vines in the trellis boxes are not doing nearly as well as they do in the rest of the yard. Generally you have to prune them like crazy because of the rampant growth they produce, but they seem to be growing very slowly in the trellis boxes, even with an addition of fertilizer and new dirt every season. I may try again adding nasturtium seeds to grow and fill out the trellis boxes. I added a few nasturtium seeds last spring and they didn't grow which was surprising, I think it's worth one more try to help fill out the sparse vines in the trellis boxes.

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