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Gardening Article: Having Fun in the Summer Garden

Summer is finally upon us. Really, is there a better way to spend the long lazy days than by growing living things in the rich soil? Few activities provide us with more rewards than gardening. Whether you choose to have a garden bursting with the bright colors of summer flowers or enjoy growing the fixings for a spectacular summer salad, you are nurturing something that will bring joy to anyone who happens to see it or taste it.

Great Choices for a Summer Flower Garden

Depending on where you live, your mileage may vary, but some great blooms to include in your summer garden include:

-- Geranium
-- Marigolds
-- Amaranthus
-- Chrysanthemum
-- Lavender
-- Cosmos
-- Dahlia
-- Iris
-- Freesia
-- Gladiolus

Really, the list goes on and on. Group your plants together and enjoy fragrant bursts of color, or spread them out for a delightful cottage garden effect. Don't feel left out if you live in an apartment -- container gardening is a wonderful way to go and summer flowers are perfect for the slightly harsher environment of a balcony.

Great Choices for a Summer Vegetable Garden

Fewer things give more pleasure than heading out to your garden and selecting your dinner and food never tastes as good as when you grow it yourself. Summer vegetables provide a bounty that not only work well as your salad, but can also help create your main course. Stuffed zucchini is a favorite summer treat! Some excellent summer vegetables to try:

-- Green and wax beans
-- Corn
-- Cucumbers
-- Arugula
-- Bell peppers
-- Tomatoes
-- Zucchini
-- Broccoli
-- Carrots
-- Leeks
-- Snap and snow peas

It's Not Too Late!

Worried that you missed the summer cutoff for planting? Not a big deal at all. You can still enjoy a garden full of flowers and veggies. While growing your plants from seeds probably won't garner you a harvest at this point, you can still get seedlings and fully grown plants from local nurseries. The best part? At this time of the year they are practically giving them away! You will be able to score excellent deals on plants and may be able to have an even bigger garden than you dreamed possible.

Avoid the supermarket gardening departments and head to the local nurseries. They will have great advice on what will grow well in your area, based on the soil and local weather conditions. Check their clearance sections, but don't compromise on quality. If you are planning a container garden, make sure to pick up some high quality potting soil as well.

You can still enjoy a fantastic summer garden. Get out there and get dirty!

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