Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gardening Article: Using Plants to Spice Up Your Patio

A patio is a wonderful thing to have for entertaining and just enjoying the great outdoors. It creates an inviting space in your backyard to enjoy the outdoors while still being a functional and useful place for many different things. That being said, adding plants and small gardens to your patio will not only spice it up but it will make it even more inviting and engaging to all those who enjoy your patio.

Adding colorful flowering plants is one of the best ways to add intrigue to your patio. Using plants such as these can turn a dull and bland patio space into a beautiful and scenic environment. Some perfect plants to try are geraniums, petunias, daisies and begonias. These will bloom well in the spring and summer and will keep flowering throughout the season. They do well in pots as well as in the ground. Try finding some pots or planters that fit your style and decor tastes and plant some of these beauties in them. Place them in open spaces on your patio such as by the door and outer edges to break up some of the color. If you prefer to plant them in the ground you can find some decorative edging or border such as stones or bricks to create a small flower bed. Either way these plants are sure to spice up your patio.

If you prefer to stick with greenery instead of flowering plants there are some popular choices that do well in an outside environment such as a patio. You could try some ornamental grass or plants such as hostas. These are beautiful plants that will add a splash of green to your patio. They are also relatively easy to maintain and will return every year. Just as with the flowering plants you can plant these in planters or in the ground depending on your preference. The sleek look of ornamental grass or the leafy look of hostas is sure to engage your visitors.

Last but not least there are shrubs and trees that you can add to fill in your space even more. There are some that stay small and some that grow large so it really depends on the space you have available and your planting preferences. Of course most of the larger trees and shrubs do better when planted in the ground but if you decide you want to keep your shrubs small you can dwarf them by planting them in the ground inside the pot. This will keep the shrub or tree small but still allow it to thrive in the ground. Furthermore there are many options available. You can pick from beautiful braided trees with unique trunks or colorful trees such as hibiscus which stay moderately small and create beautiful blooms in the summer. Basic green shrubs are also perfect because you can be creative and trim them into any shape you want adding a touch of your own personal style and taste to your patio.

As you can see adding plants to your patio is the perfect way to spice it up. There are many different choices and many different ways you can create a lively and intriguing patio just by using plants such as flowers, trees, bushes and shrubs. So, if you want to spice it up go ahead and take a look at your local garden store or greenhouse and see what fits into your style.

This article was written by John for, a home and garden store featuring BBQ grills, artificial Christmas trees, and other popular patio decor goods.

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