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Gardening Article: Be Tickled Pink with Autumn Plugs

There seems to be a theme of fashion in this year’s autumn plug plants, and pink is definitely the common denominator. More and more plug plants are blushing their way through a harsh winter and emerging with a rosy glow as the sun comes out to play again in the spring.

If you’d like a garden to make the boys wink, check out the plugs on offer this time of the year to ensure your spring borders are pretty in pink:

There are Bellis, a low growing daisy like flower with vibrant pinks, deep reds and six flowers at least to a plant. Deliciously decadent in hanging baskets, these pretty little pinks brighten up any garden.

The Pansy, a mainstay of tradition is now available in a range of reddish hues giving a deeper warmer feel to their pretty petals in pink. Of course Winter Pansies are one of our favourites, poking through the sow when everything else has gone into hibernation. For a more contemporary twist, try the Pansy Can Can (it really Can), or the Frizzle Sizzle, now there’s some warmth you’ll benefit from come March!

Polyanthus are a must for Primrose lovers, usually sold in a spectrum of colours, the pinks are pipping the others to the post. The plugs generally come with a 6cm leaf ensuring you don’t mistake them for weeds, and they’re always a lovely surprise flowering first as the Snowdrops die off. Very versatile, being able to be planted in pots, baskets, borders, even hedgerows and paddocks, the Polyanthus is the perfect pink.

Stocks or Matthiola range from purple to white with a myriad of pink in-between, releasing a fragrance that is second to none, these generous tall flower heads blow in an evening breeze as they release their scent into your private plot. A personal favourite, stocks will look great at the back of a border and even better in a vase as a centrepiece to the dining table.

We couldn’t mention pinks and fragrance without some favourite Lavender. There are so many varieties that a garden could easily benefit from an abundance of lavender and look amazing all year round. Lavender can be bought in plug plant form, and some can be planted now or taken care of in a greenhouse re-potting as they grow.

Our favourite in this theme is Lavender Rosea, and as the name suggests they form tufty flower heads that compliment any rosy sunset. French lavenders are developing at an alarming rate, and along with the lavender Red Kew Head, there is a new addition in town, lavender Little Bee Rose is bound to look as pretty as a picture in any pink border.

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About the author: Sam Goodwill enjoys writing about perennial plants and other great ideas for the garden.

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