Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gardening Article: Top Tips for Fresh Herb Gardening

Fresh herb gardening isn't anything new. In fact, it has been a very popular hobby for a long time now. After all, herbs have a lot of uses. For one, they can flavor foods, but they can also make homes smell very nice. Aside from that, a lot of them also have medicinal traits and they can even be used in arts and crafts.

Now, if you want to start a garden of your own sometime soon, the first thing you will have to do is pick out the perfect location for it. Fortunately, you wont' need too much space if you want to grow herbs, so you can opt for a simple container garden for them. If you want, you can also put hanging baskets to use to grow cilantro, thyme or oregano instead.

Of course, you need to remember to place your herbs somewhere under the sun that isn't too hot, as well. Ideally, your plants should be able to catch the sun in the morning instead of in the hot afternoon.

Your plants' location should also be convenient to a door or your kitchen. This will ensure that you always remember to water them. The majority of potted plants in today's day and age tend to need daily watering, but make sure you check their seed packaging anyway. After all, overwatering and underwatering are just as bad as one another - remember that.

If you have potted plants, they may not need too much water. Conversely, if it is the rainy season, you won't have to water them unless you go through some sort of dry spell.

Now, although it is true that rain comes with a lot of nutrients, you may still need some additional fertilizer anyway. Loamy soil for potted plants are fortunately very easy to find, so you can fill up your containers with it in no time. If you have a bigger garden, though, you might have more trouble finding soil for it.

If you plan on having a huge garden, then you might want to invest into a guide for beginners. After all, there are a lot of different herbs out there, all of which have their own personal soil preferences.

Unfortunately, herbs generally aren't a huge nutritional source since they are only used in smaller quantities. However, even in smaller quantities, these herbs may come with a lot of health benefits.

A lot of common herbs come with natural anti-inflammatory traits, so adding some herbs to your diet on a daily basis may actually reduce your overall risk for health problems in the future. So, overall, fresh herb gardening will make it much easier for you to take care of your health and enjoy the taste of your food at home. Grow your own today!

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