Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Summer Miniature Dahlias And Anenomes

During the summer months here on the north coast it did not get very hot, even for Eureka. I purchased some summer bulbs from the local store at the usual $2.00 price, such a deal but sometimes the bulbs do not come up, the price you pay for cheap bulbs. Among the flower bulbs I purchased were anenome bulbs and some miniature pink dahlia bulbs.

The miniature dahlias were potted up in containers on the patio table, both came up in summer, producing some very sturdy, bright green leaves. One of the dahlia stems that started to come up for flowering was damaged somehow and never produced a flower. The other dahlia bulb grew two flowers successfully. The first which you can see in the photo came out perfectly, very impressive and a beautiful shade of pink, lasting for a number of weeks. The second flower stem produced a flower one third of the size of the first bloom, it did not fare as well and was finished within a week or two. Of course the bulb box states this bulb should produce a large number of flowers. When buying on the cheap for bulbs I am always aware that the bulbs are no doubt much smaller than usual, which is why they can sell for a lower price. As we headed into fall weather in October the two dahlia bulbs still have bright green leaves in each pot and look very healthy. It will be interesting to see when the leaves die back on these hardy plants.

The anenome bulbs were successful this past summer, coming up like clockwork in the container with my hosta and two amaryllis bulbs. It seems like a lot in one pot but amaryllis like close quarters and the hosta grew just fine, in fact as small as the plant was for the second year growing it produced a pretty white flower on a tall stem. I expect the hosta will grow bigger each year. The anenome bulbs are purple and white, with mostly purple flowers emerging on very tall stems. The flowers were really beautiful and quite large, a good three inches wide and tall. The display was impressive and the anenomes blooms were much bigger than the anenomes I grew in Petaluma. Typically anenomes grow the best the first season then the second season the blooms are less and smaller or sometimes they do not bloom a second time. The anenomes I grew in Petaluma kept coming back with smaller blooms and less flowers overall, but they grew for three or four seasons before they gave out. These $2.00 bulbs made me smile during the summer with their brilliant blooms.

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