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Gardening Article: Gardening Tools For Everyday Gardening

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Gardening is an activity that uses physical abilities as well as design abilities to create a garden. Some tools will be used all year long while different tools may be needed during certain seasons of the year. Gardening requires sturdy tools to use in order to achieve a healthy garden. Gardeners must use a wide variety of tools to maintain the health of a garden. This list provides you with the most important and common gardening tools you will need for your garden.


Basics Gardening Items

• Garden tools basket or apron
Carry your tools where you go in the garden

• Garden hoses
Use to water your garden or set up soaker hoses at the base of your plants

• Knee cushion
Provides support to knees when kneeling to plant

• Watering can
Hand held handle style carrying container to water plants

• Watering wand
Long poled wand attachment to hoses to water your garden

• Planting soil
Soil used to add to the garden when planting or transplanting plants

• Garden mulch
Addition of top layer mulch made of bark, recycled paper, cocoa shells, sea shells or stone to cool the surface below the plant, deter weeds growing, and keep moisture at roots of the plant intact

• Plant markers
Add plant markers in front of plants to identify the type of plant in your garden

• Plant supports
Use metal and wood supports to hold up tall plants in garden beds

• Wheelbarrow
Cart potting soil, mulch bricks, and other building items to areas of the garden

Garden Hand Digging Tools

• Gardening gloves planting
Lighter weight gloves used to dig and plant plants

• Gardening gloves pruning
Heavy duty gloves of thicker material used when pruning sharp or tough plant, shrub or tree material

• Garden trowels
Hand held shovels in varying sizes used to dig into small areas of dirt to plant or transplant plants or dig up weeds

• Bulb planter or dibble
Used to dig into the dirt to plant bulbs, bulb planter cuts rounded area of dirt, dibble is pointy in shape for smaller bulbs or seeds

Garden Pruning Tools

• Hand pruner
Small hand held pruner to prune plants

• Loppers
Long armed pruner to prune plants

• Pole trimmer
Long armed pruner used to prune tall trees and vines

Garden Digging Tools

• Garden fork
Long handled pronged fork used for loosing soil and to dig up weeds

• Square-nosed shovel
Square shaped edge shovel used for lifting or transferring materials

• Round-nosed shovel
Round shaped edge shovel used to dig up areas of dirt to plant or transplant plants or dig up weeds

• Pitchfork
Used to lift and loosen soil, leaves, manure, and other materials

• Hand-held hoe
Use for pulling up weeds from the garden and loosening soil

• Long-handled hoe
Long handle version use for pulling up weeds from the garden and loosening soil

Carry your tools in a portable gardening basket or gardening apron
Clean your gardening tools with water, oil tools if needed and dry them with a towel after every use
Store your tools in a locked dry area such as a storage shed or garage

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