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Gardening Article: Making Your Lawn And Garden Sale Ready

You only have one chance to make a first impression. This is true for buildings as well. Curb appeal is extremely important. If you have a property for sale, think of interactions with potential buyers as interviews with your property. The building needs to have a good resume (history of additions, repairs, damage, etc.), a solid cover letter (staged so that buyers can see themselves in it) and a confident, effective first impression. The curb appeal of your building is the interview equivalent of a nice suit and firm handshake. Curb appeal starts with your lawn. Follow these tips to make your lawn and garden sale ready.

1) Mow and edge your lawn regularly. If you can't keep up with your grass then hire a lawn service. Potential buyers will be driving by at all times; don't let the lawn get out of control.

2) Clean-up all leaves and yard debris. Grass clippings, fruit and trash all need to go.

3) Trim the trees and shrubs of your property. This doesn't need to be done nearly as often as lawn mowing. Don't think that you need to carve everything into tight cookie cutter space—you can let your plants look natural, but they should also appear tame.

4) Plant Flowers. There are plants appropriate for every time of the year. Having seasonal flowers shows you keep up with lawn maintenance. Window boxes also add a "homey" touch that instantly makes visitors think they're in a good neighborhood with "nice" families and good businesses.

5) Eliminate weeds and signs of weed growth from your lawn.

6) Clean sideways and pathways. This is especially true in the winter. Do NOT let your property get an icy walkway. If someone has trouble accessing the property then they will instantly have a bad impression of your home or business.

7) Clean your gutters and eaves. The building should look like it has been given meticulous care for years. Don't let overflowing gutters get in the way of a sale.

8) Make sure the paint on the exterior is fresh. Chipped, dingy or peeling paint makes a building look shabby. Consider completely repainting trim or railings. A fresh coat of paint makes a great impression.

9) A wise buyer should be thinking about the property year-round. If it's spring then have a picture of your building in the winter, summer and fall. Show them its appeal holds up.

10) Dress your garden like you would the inside of a home or business. Add patio furniture or picnic tables. Buyers should be able to envision themselves enjoying your property.

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