Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Planting Up Spring Daffodil Bulbs

During the fall I spent some time planting up some of the low priced bulbs that are available at my local store. I picked out a few pots to house my daffodils in. I had a mix of daffodils in whites and yellows and what looked like geranium daffodils. Geranium daffodils have white outer petals with orange petals in the center, they have such a wonderful fragrance and I rarely see them in the local nurseries. I also planted up some totally yellow traditional daffodils in the pots, and mixed in some totally white daffodils. I usually plant out daffodils in the yard but here for some reason they don't do well in the ground. I'm not sure if critters underground get to them or if they just don't grow well here, but planting them in pots should help them grow better. I added some small grape hyacinth in both pots, the grape hyacinth will grow vigorously but I'm sure the bigger daffodils won't have any problem keeping up with them and filling out the pot. I love the combination of the purple hyacinth with the yellow daffodils, it should be very pretty when they are all blooming. These bulb pots will sit on the patio table right outside the kitchen window so I can see them blooming all spring long.

I also had some small mixed color windflowers to plant, I usually place them in the big barrel along with my five heather shrubs. The windflowers are low to the ground and ideal to dress up the base of the heathers. The colors of the windflowers are a mix of pinks and purples, which always look good as you look down into the barrel from the dining room window. The heathers are growing slowly as heathers do, but they are also smaller sized heathers in the barrel. The heathers are filling out nicely so far and eventually will fill up most of the barrel space, there's still a good two years or more before that happens.

I planted some tulips and other small bulbs in the ground near the obelisk, some of the tulip leaves are coming up now that we are into February here on the north coast. I planted some grape hyacinth last year surrounding the walkway up in the front yard and in front of the pink roses but not many of them grew, which is surprising and disappointing. Grape hyacinth grow like wildfire once planted, I have tuffs of them all over the back yard in Petaluma. For some reason they are not catching on too well in the front yard. I am hoping I see more of them coming up this year. Once they are planted they multiply rapidly and cover areas very nicely with their grassy leaves and purple grape shaped flowers. I hope they do well this year otherwise I will need to plant up a large amount next fall.

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