Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Signs Of Spring In The Garden

As winter continues ours is mild and the rains are sporatic. A mild winter on the north coast isn't unusual but the lack of rain until end of January is very unusual. We're finally getting some showers a few times a week, which is helping my garden.

The green pot I planted up last year with tulips and ranunculus bulbs are starting to sprout stems. The tulips did really well last spring with gorgeous purple tulips and yellow tulips. The pot is sitting on the back yard patio table and does very well in the sun there. The ranunculus bulbs did not appear last year but they started with leaves coming up through the dirt during the holiday season. This is a mix of ranunculus colors, can't wait to see them grow fully and bloom. The tulips should be arriving first and flowering, it will be a full pot of color that's for sure.

The hebe in the front yard is getting much bigger even in these colder months. I don't see it showing any sign of stopping growing, instead it's a good foot and a half to two feet tall and even sporting a few purple blooms. I'd say that is a little odd during the cold winter months but if it wants to bloom then I'm happy it's blooming. I have a piece of this hebe I sprouted in a small pot and the plant is growing like crazy with some help from some time released fertilizer. This hebe will go into the ground this coming spring when things warm up a bit. I'm hoping it will do well in the ground across from the other hebe on the other side of the rose bushes.

The piece of garnet pestemon I rooted was planted last summer near the hebe and it is growing well. I'm pleased to see the pestemon stem growing tall and look forward to it widening and blooming well by this coming summer. If this pestemon does as well as the original it will take up a good two to three feet of space under the pink roses and be filled with deep pink tubular flowers.

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