Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Finding Your Favorite Moments in the Garden

There are some moments that stay with you when you garden. If you are lucky enough to take time to sit in the garden after working to keep it maintained there are so many times that make you realize just how special having a garden teaming with life can be. My garden visitors are many, from bees and spiders to neighborhood kitties to butterflies to birds to raccoons and possums. It's a busy garden where all are welcome to enjoy the garden and hopefully some of the critters don't do too much damage. We are in town enough we never see deer. Frankly I'd love deer in my yard even though they love to eat everything in the garden. If I had the opportunity I would plant shrubs and plants just for them to nibble on and hopefully distract them from my favorite plants.

Blooms beginning to form and open into flowers
The smell of flowers as they open and bloom
Watching vines grow up their supports
Planting bulbs and watching the shoots start driving up from the ground
Blooms on the heaths and heathers smothering the shrubs in color during summer and winter
Bees, butterflys and hummingbirds enjoying the nectar from the garden blooms
Birds bathing in the birdbath
Harvesting herbs to cook with in the kitchen
Watching robins pick the red berries in winter from the holly trees
Watching neighborhood cats sun themselves on the deck and in the garden

What special moments do you remember from your time in the garden?

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