Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Grape Hyacinth and Daffodils Begin in Spring

The blues and purples in bulbs are the first to start showing in the garden before spring officially starts. One of my favorite workhorse bulbs is grape hyacinth. This sturdy little bulb grows mounds of purple-blue grape-triangle shaped flowers that eventually move all over your garden. The grape hyacinth once established really spreads very easily, multiplying rapidly for a swath of purple-blue colors emerging from grass like leaves. The bulb is short so it is perfect for walkways, under shrubs and other taller plants, a great bulb for edging your garden. In Petaluma where I used to live grape hyacinth were already well established in the back yard and covered areas in color every spring. In Eureka it has been slower to get them established. It could be the smaller bulbs I bought at the local store for $2.50 a box, you buy cheap you get smaller bulbs. With grape hyacinth buying smaller bulbs is worth it because eventually they come up as they grow bigger. This year the grape hyacinth bulbs I planted fall before last finally started to come up in the front yard. I'm hoping some of the rest start coming up there as well.

I also planted some grape hyacinth in smaller green pots to place on my back yard patio table. The grape hyacinth are planted with a bunch of yellow daffodils and white daffodils. It should be a beautiful color pairing. The grape hyacinth planted in the pots are already starting to come up this year from the planting this last fall. I've found anything I plant in the ground here takes longer to establish and grow. It could be the colder coastal weather, I'm not sure. Once plants and bulbs are established they grow like gangbusters, some of our plants grow huge, much bigger than they ever would grow in Petaluma. I'm looking forward to seeing the combination of grape hyacinth and daffodils growing in the pots on the patio table soon.

The annual burst of bluebells are coming up near the back gate of the back yard. The bunch of bluebells grow on the little mound of dirt behind the flowerbed, I can see them from the dining room window. The bluebells are fairly tall growing about eight to twelve inches tall coming up through long blades of green and sporting a purple flower. The bluebells were already growing here when we moved in. Five years later the bluebells grow reliably every year since we've been here and put on a great show of flowers. Since they are spreading quite a bit I guess it's time to dig up some of the bulbs and transplant them to other areas of the garden so we can enjoy them elsewhere.

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