Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Clematis Vines or Passionflowers Vines, Which to Choose?

My plan since last summer is to redo the two large trellis boxes out in the front yard. My husband thinks we can do this fairly easily, I'm not as convinced since there are two pink jasmine vines and two passionflower vines in the boxes. For whatever reason none of them are growing well so my plan consists of pulling out the current non-producing vines, hopefully saving them to plant elsewhere, and planting some new vines in their place. You'd think as crazy huge as the passionflower vines on the front fence and the pink jasmine grow in our yards they would do well in the trellis boxes. My guess is the roots are filling the box or the dirt is just too old. Either way it will be interesting to try to pull the vines out intact. I sure hope we can do that but if not the vines are growing so poorly they might not make it elsewhere instead. The passionflower vines on the fence is a different color (dark purple and lime green flowers) than the passionflower vines in the trellis boxes (more of a magenta or lighter reddish-purple color). The trellis box passionflower flowers show up much better than the fence passionflower flowers...of course, because the trellis box flowers are barely blooming. So...its definite...time to start over and replant.

My next decision is whether to put passionflower vines back in the trellis boxes or to plant clematis vines instead. The one clematis vine I have grown has never done too well once we moved up to the coast, it was in a pot then planted in the ground and still is not doing well. Back in Petaluma the fine produced beautiful large blue flowers, but it was never very tall or full of flowers so the fact its doing worse here isn't too surprising.

I received a gift card as a prize for my work on one of my blogs so I have some extra money to spend online and I think the prices I found for both passionflower and clematis vines are worth taking a chance on two vines to see how things go. I'd want to vary the planting schedule by a number of months if these vines do take hold so the vines do not eventually die out at the same time. I'm leaning towards the passionflower vines since they seem to be hardier than the clematis I grew which really has been iffy all along in terms of growth. I've also decided to buy some blue poppy seeds with this order, it's cheap enough and apparently blue poppies like cooler summers (under 80 degrees or less) and we've got plenty of cool summer days here on the coast, rarely if ever getting to 70 degrees. I'm looking forward to placing the order for my new vines and poppy seeds this weekend and the upcoming challenge of digging out the old vines and putting in the new vines. It's time to see the tall trellis filled once again with green leaves and colorful flowers.

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