Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gardening Article: Spruce Up Your Garden with a Decorative Penny Ball

Unique decor pieces can make your garden picture perfect and welcoming to friends, so don’t settle for mundane when fixing up a garden. Decorate your outdoor room just as you would a room in your home – with personality and flare! Choose colors and fixtures that will compliment your outdoor furniture. Items to consider for your garden are candles, potted plants and even vintage fountains. If you are more of a do-it-yourself gardener, considering making your own decorative penny ball!

A Garden Penny Ball

A penny ball will add the perfect touch of shine to your garden without overwhelming your flowers or other décor. It’s also the perfect project for any do-it-yourselfer – from expert florist to first-time crafter, this project offers a sense of homemade satisfaction in a unique decorative package. Requiring only a secondhand bowling ball, two to three hundred pennies and multi-surface glue, this project can be completed in as little as an hour. Once you’ve gathered the supplies, you need only glue the pennies in a design of your choosing to the surface of the bowling ball. For new crafters, I suggest a simple line pattern. If you’ve got more experience, consider a swirl pattern – wrapping a twisting line of pennies around the ball and then filling in the rest. Remember, pennies come in any number of copper tones, so consider separating them by shade before creating your pattern! The resulting copper-coated ball naturally draws the eyes’ attention while complementing the color of any blossom – white, red, blue or purple. Finally, the finished product requires no special pedestal or holder for display. It can be placed directly on a mulched area, balanced on a garden rock or tucked into a small bed of ivy. If you wish to make your penny ball more of a focal point, consider buying a cast iron stand to display it in a flowerbed or on your patio.

Similar Accent Balls

If copper doesn’t appeal to you, consider making a nickel or dime ball. If you have shades of red and pink in your garden, a silver accent ball may complement your garden better than a penny adorned decoration. And if metal just isn’t to your liking at all, buttons are a great way to add a pop of color to an accent ball. Choosing to apply buttons to your accent ball increases your color and pattern options considerably. If you have paisley or plaid patio cushions, consider picking out buttons that complement the various colors of the fabric to make a vibrant accent piece for your garden!

Finishing Touches

Once you’ve completed your accent ball and chosen how to display it, pick out smaller pieces to finish of the overall look of the garden. Citronella candles are a great way to keep bugs away from you and your guests when you enjoy your outdoor space, but they also tend to only come in yellow. If yellow doesn’t match your color scheme, pick out a candleholder to match your ball – red clay or copper holders look great with the traditional penny ball. Update your patio cushions if they are looking a little tattered, and add one or two more accent pieces like a colorful doormat or colored stones in your rock garden.

No matter which accent ball you choose, your garden will be sure to get the facelift you are looking for. Just remember, keep you color scheme in mind to create a cohesive look throughout the outdoor space. In no time, you and your family and friends will be enjoying your garden oasis.

About the author: Kristine is an avid blogger who loves walking her puppy when taking writing breaks. She has been gardening since her 10th birthday when her parents bought her a butterfly garden!

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