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Gardening Article: Organic Gardening is a Great Way to Better Health

You don't need to look far nowadays to see and hear people talking about organic gardening. From the clueless hipsters in the middle of the city to the soccer moms in the suburbs, this topic continues to become more and more popular. People are looking for natural alternatives as opposed to the fruits and vegetables that you can typically buy that are full of chemicals and pesticides. Ultimately, it is for the betterment of the family to have healthier food options when it's time for everyone to eat.

Organic gardening is great for the environment as you are nursing the soil as well as the plants that you grow in your backyard and gardens. The common misnomer is that you're feeding your plants when in actuality it is the soil that is providing nourishment to the plants. If the minerals in your soil are unbalanced, the plants will not have sufficient nutrients to survive. Getting your soil balanced is one of the first steps in producing a well-nourished and nutrient-rich garden, which will in turn produce a healthy, abundant yield of organic vegetables and fruits.

When you are first starting out with organic gardening, it can be overwhelming with all of the information that exists. If you're looking for organic gardening information, your local farmers market can actually be a good resource. They can give you excellent ideas about which fruits and vegetables take the least amount of maintenance. This can be quite helpful since you don't want to spend an enormous amount of time growing something only to have it spoil or get eaten by rodents or pests. They can also give you some great tips on which fruits and vegetables thrive in your current environment. There are some fruits and vegetables that grow better in cooler environments versus an environment that is very arid. This will also help you avoid wasting time trying to grow something that wouldn't have a positive outcome in your specific location.

The Internet is another place where you can get some great organic gardening tips. Doing a search in your favorite search engine will pull-up a ton of relevant information as it relates to growing your garden. Social networks like Facebook can also be a great place to bond with people that share the same interests. There are Groups that you can join where you can share tips, recipes and lessons learned. Another option online is to check for the forums related to your hobbies. This is also another great meeting point where great minds can share information about organic gardening.

Now that it is spring, groups also meet at public libraries and local bookstores to find out the latest tips and tricks for their organic gardens. There are certain sections devoted specifically for those that share this interest. These groups are also beneficial since you can visit each other's gardens locally to brag on your successes and also monitor each other's progress.

Organic gardening continues to be the natural alternative to the old-fashioned way which included using fertilizers and chemical sprays that actually harmed the fruits and vegetables that you put on your plate. There are plenty resources that exist both locally and online so you do not need to feel alone in trying to have a successful organic garden. The result is that you are not only taking care of the planet, and living a healthier lifestyle, but you are also teaching your children and those around you how easy it is to grow your own fruits and vegetables without using harmful chemicals.

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About the Author: Ruth Martin is the stay-at-home wife of an avid organic gardener who spends all his spare time out in his large garden when he's not working as a carpenter, or fishing. Ruth and her husband live in the heart of the Fingerlakes Region of Upstate NY with their 2 small children, who love helping their daddy in the garden. For more organic gardening information and tips, visit their blog at:

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