Wednesday, May 9, 2012

More Spring Trimming in the Garden

Spring trimming gets started as soon as the rains will allow here in my north coast garden. Not surprisingly, between the window blowing out during a storm, good old tiredness, and the usual winter rain deciding to descend on us in spring, there has been less going on in terms of trimming and the usual garden care this spring. When we finally did get out in the yard more in April we started trimming and cleaning up as much as possible.

First I began with more heather trimming. There is another flowerbed that needs some heather trimming but I got the main flowerbed trimmed up of old heather flowers. I also spent some time trimming up the large pink fuchsias in the back yard, cutting back the branches so they would fill out with new growth, leaves, and blooms by mid to late summer. Everything here blooms about a month later here than in warmer Sonoma County, so my fuchsia blooms come later in the season. Which reminds me ... we need to replant the hanging fuchsias on the back deck. The dirt and liners have finally pooped out and the fuchsias are growing much less since last summer. We decided to try out some burlap for the hanging basket liner instead of cocoa lining (which falls apart easily), and the concept worked. We will buy many yards of burlap to create round liners then fill the baskets with dirt and replant the fuchsias. I need more plants in the basket and its probably time to add some other flowering plants with the fuchsias other than lobelia.

With a little time left in the garden I decided to plant a few boxes of bulbs that hadn't made it into pots prior to spring. I prefer planting spring bulbs earlier than this but its just how things played out with weather and all, and late planting is better than no planting at all. At least if bulbs don't flower this year they will flower next season. The boxes of bulbs from the store tend to have small bulbs in them which is why they only run $2.00 a box. I'm patient and at that price willing to take a chance on small bulbs that pay off down the road, so to planting I went. I planted some tall purple star shaped brodiaea flowers in with the yellow and purple tulips and new rannuculus bulbs. The tulips are much smaller this season, which probably means they have run their course for blooming. There are some tulips that bloom for a few years but many, like these, bloom well the first season and are much smaller or don't bloom the second season. The rannuculus blooms are tiny this year so I'm not sure if they will do much next season. I also planted some giant columbine in the tulip pots on the patio table. I've never had luck with columbine so I'm hoping planting them in a pot here will do the trick. Lastly I planted the little purple windflowers in my heather barrel. The small windflowers are the perfect height to accent the smaller heathers that are growing in the back yard barrel.

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