Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lavender, Ground Cover and Rooting Plants

I had the chance a few weeks ago to visit our local nursery and buy another Goodwin Creek lavender and a sturdy ground cover plant. I had tried to root some from my two big main lavender plants and did not succeed. The ground cover is a medium green leafed plant that is very hardy with textured leaves and blooms with white bell-shaped flowers. The nursery has had a huge plant of this same ground cover planted in part of the nursery covering a wide area there. I'm excited to get this ground cover in place since there is one area of our front yard that keeps getting overrun by a particular weed. This ground cover is so thick I think it will help keep the weed from surviving in that area. The new Goodwin Creek lavender will be planted behind the ground cover next to the passionflower vine on the fence and the climbing roses. I think the lavender will do well since it has already grown a few inches in the few weeks since we bought it. Between company and a lot of June rain which is unusual here on the coast we haven't had the chance to clear the area in the front yard and plant these new plants. We are hoping this next weekend or the weekend after will be the time for these new plants to get planted.

I took some cutting from my thymifolia fuchsia in the backyard and put them in a glass of water on my patio table, I also took some cuttings from my two-toned pink fuchsia to create more plants. I have some of the two-toned pink fuchsias planted in in hanging baskets and out in the front and back yard, it is really a gorgeous plant. Generally fuchsias root fairly easily in water. I have a purple hebe that I took a cutting from and rooted it, creating another plant. I have to plant this new hebe out in the front yard also, it may end up with the lavender and ground cover, or it may end up across from the main purple hebe under the climbing roses as well. I have a rooted heather, one of the few I was able to root well enough to pot up, its ready to plant out anytime. I don't have the hang of rooting up heathers, I'll have to work on that some more in the future, there are plenty of heathers I'd love to take cuttings from so I can grow new heather plants.

The summer miniature pink dahlias are coming up in the pots on the patio table although the snails are munching on the young plant's leaves. A few sweet peas from last year have decided to sprout under the obelisk and are sending up two vines. I have a pot of sweet peas growing on the patio table, I plan to split half of the them and plant them under the obelisk and the other half are going to be planted with the metal trellis that holds the clematis near the front porch. The clematis has been doing really poorly after planting it in the ground and didn't bloom this spring. Its no problem for the sweet peas to be planted with the clematis and grow up the metal trellis, since the clematis isn't blooming it would be great to have some sweet peas blooming next to the porch for summer.

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