Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hanging Basket Fuchsias and Ground Fuchsias

One of my favorite all-time plants is fuchsias. I've grown a number of fuchsias but have had my best luck with thymifolia and the two-tone pink fuchsia I inherited from the previous homeowner. I've managed to root a few thymifolia plants to spread around my yard.

In Petaluma I had a large thymifolia fuchsia under my arbor in partial shade. I found this plant to bloom non-stop all year long in warm and cold weather in Sonoma County. The hummingbirds really appreciated those tiny dark pink tubular flowers in fall and winter, and spent many hours drinking from the miniscule flowers then flying a few feet over and sitting on the thin branches of the Rose of Sharon tree planted at the far end of the arbor. Here on the north coast the two main thymifolia plants I planted are thriving and always covered in flowers, the older plant living happily under the shade of the holly trees while the other sits in the middle of the grosso lavender in our sunny front yard. Besides the hardiness and abundant flowers the thymifolia blooms are tiny but gorgeous! If you want a delicate looking fuchsia that never stops blooming then I can't recommend thymifolia enough for your garden.

The two-toned pink fuchsia plants are growing madly at either end of my back yard flower bed. One of the plants was rooted easily in water from the main plant and planted a few seasons ago and is now getting quite large. I wish I knew the name of this particular fuchsia. I'll have to go looking online to see if I can identify it. The extra plants I've grown from the original two-toned fuchsia are also living in the front yard and back yard, and a number of them are in my recently replanted hanging fuchsia baskets along with a few small fuchsias I bought last season for the baskets. So far the two-toned pink fuchsias are growing best in the hanging baskets (no surprise there), and the smaller mix of fuchsias are starting to leaf out after their replanting and pruning a number of weeks ago. Summer starts late here on the coast so I expect the baskets will be looking fuller by August or September. Even the blue lobelia is growing well and looking good in the hanging baskets.

I have a few pieces each of thymifolia and the two-toned pink fuchsia in water, hoping for easy rooting in the coming weeks. I have plenty of places to add these new plants once they are ready to be potted up. I think I will add more of the two-toned pink fuchsias to at least one of the hanging baskets to get a really full fuchsia basket, the plant tends to grow big and I'd love a basket covered in those dazzling pink fuchsias.

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