Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Plants in the Coastal Garden

I have been watering the two new plants Goodwin Creek lavender and my false raspberry ground cover and they are both doing well after planting them weeks ago. Growing time will begin to slow as we enter October with just enough cold mornings to let you know it really is fall. All the heathers in the front yard that turn color in leaves are showing their fall/winter hues, it is really beautiful. Even the dried flowers that finished on the plants look so good I will probably leave them until my annual spring trimming of all the summer/winter blooming heather shrubs.

I planted the hebe I grew from a cutting, placing it in the middle of the flowerbed behind the drooping cherry tree since I had a bare spot there. So far it is doing well and establishing itself. The hebe cutting should have a good growth spurt this coming spring. The original hebe shrub I planted two seasons ago is huge now at three feet by three feet, much bigger than I expected it to be, and thriving between the pink climbing roses against the front yard fence. It bloomed well with purple flowers this last season. The heather tree sits next to the original hebe and is growing slower but is also growing up and out in size. The heather tree is supposed to get four to five feet tall, I'm hoping it will flower this coming season and grow taller.

I dug up the ground cover plants that are seeding themselves in front yard, the shrub is low-growing and similar to cotoneaster but has much thicker branches and arches branches the same as cotoneaster. I dug up the plants because they were in bad places in the front yard. I potted up the four stems with roots in gallon pots with dirt and watered them in, placing them on the back patio table. So far they are doing well rooting and the leaves are changing color with the season. I plan to plant them in back yard in spring on the small rolling hill below the kiwi metal structure. The shrubs that are established out front are fairly large at two to three feet tall and wide, covered in leaves, flowers and berries throughout the season, really a great looking shrub. I haven't had time to try and look up what shrub it is, time to get my groundcover book out and see if I can identify this plant.

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